I ended up going to Iceland because the plane tickets were too expensive to go straight to England in July of 2019. I went in the summer and the crazy thing about Iceland in July is the sun never goes down. Even at midnight, you can still see quite clearly. In the winter on the other hand there are maybe 3 hours of sunlight, but you can see the Northern Lights in the winter.

I landed in Reykjavik and explored the area with my fiance. We then went to the famous blue lagoon which was really spectacular. We went at 10:00 pm (remember the sun is still out) and had a wonderful time with fewer people than in the earlier times. We had 2 hours to enjoy the lagoon. They give you a drink included the price of your ticket and some mud that you can put on your face and “fancy mud” that you can purchase. They give you a wristband for all transactions that need to be made, which was really convenient.

What’s interesting about the Blue Lagoon is that it’s all man-made using wastewater from a nearby geothermal plant that you can actually see when you’re in the lagoon, but they’ve been able to market it as one of the 25 wonders of the world. I mean I loved it, so good for them for monetizing recycled water with high silica content. We then ended our quick journey as we headed to our next destination.

We rented a car to give us more freedom on the journey and drove to Ægissíðufoss Waterfall. It’s not a touristy place and it was about a 20 min walk, but it was kind of like this secret waterfall. If you go there I recommend wearing rain boots if you have them.

We then went to Kerið which was a very cool crater lake with incredibly blue water. Next, we then went to the Gufloss waterfall and saw some very pretty rainbows. One thing to note is that the restroom costs money, and it is very dirty. I would avoid using the restroom there. We then had an enjoyable time passing random fields and taking pictures with pretty flowers and waterfalls.

One thing I love about this region of the world in summer is the beauty you are surrounded by everywhere you look. We then went to Geysir Hot Spring Area which was fine, but a bit underwhelming. We stayed the night in Hella, but not before we saw this random horse gathering that we had to take pictures with! We then flew back to England, which was my intended destination, but not before getting scammed which you can read about here.

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