Picture from the Architecture Tour

The last time I went to Chicago was for a field trip in 10th grade, and this was the first time I’ve been to Chicago as an adult. I was in Chicago for a week working during the day and exploring at night. During the weekend we started with an escape room with Fox in a Box and it was super fun. We ended up one clue away from escaping, but met our fate with the zodiac killer. I then had a four-hour exam for my corporate finance class (Part time student life). 

After the quite gruelling exam we went to Girl and the Goat. We split a bunch of different plates, but found the shrimp salad and the green beans to be the top dishes. On Sunday we had an amazing time on the architecture tour. I highly recommend it. We got discounted tickets on groupon and had a blast while getting some good pictures. We also saw a show at the second city on the ETC stage. To be honest I was quite underwhelmed and didn’t find the improvisers that funny. We topped off the night with an amazing experience at a restaurant called Alinea. You can hear more about our experience here. 

We spent the evenings walking the Riverwalk and Lake Michigan as well as the wildlife/ nature preserve near the zoo and looking up because the buildings are so tall! We tried two other restaurants Boka, which we returned to again. It specialized in duck and was fantastic. 

We had great weather and so very much enjoyed our time in Chicago that we might just make this an annual trip.

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