I took a very quick road trip in 2019 to Main to go to a Fall Festival in Freeport. It had a bunch of sponsors the main one being LL Bean which is headquartered in Freeport. I got an awesome picture with the giant LL Bean boot. I had a great time looking at the different stands that were set up in the main shopping area near Discovery Park and participated in a chowder tasting to vote for the best chowder (can you tell I lived in New England??). I walked by some pretty water and found a nice couple to take a picture of me and the water.

I then explored Portland Maine. I enjoyed shopping at the local stores and even got myself a sweater (the striped one from my Denver picture). The highlight of this town was The Holy Donut. If you’ve never had a potato flour donut you are MISSING OUT. It’s moist and it’s delicious and worth a try. After a fun-filled day of shopping and the festival, I drove back to Boston.

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