The Scam

There are a lot of shady airlines, but Wizz Air is definitely one of the more shady airlines I’ve flown. Wizzair requires you to use an app to check in or pay an absurd sum for them to print the boarding pass. My fiance and I tried to check into our flight over 5 times at different times of day and three different devices with no luck in securing our boarding passes. We took screen recordings of our attempts to check in on the app and took screenshots of attempts on our computers. We got to the airport early to explain our situation and ended up finding no one there at the desk. About an hour and a half before our flight we were in line and explained to the person what happened with our abundance of evidence that the app was not working and neither was the mobile check in. The man said we still had to pay the 35 euro fee, and that we would be refunded- ya right. Why would we have to pay it in the first place?

The Inhumanity

 He then said we could call customer service. When we were on the phone with customer service the operator was very rude to us. He said he saw no evidence of our attempts to check in and hung up on us. We begrudgingly paid the extra 70 euros. Next to us was another traveler whose phone was broken, and his wallet was stolen. He begged the check in people to print him a pass as the Apple repair store was not open and he had no way of paying or contacting anyone. They still did not let him have a boarding pass. I felt for the man so I ended up paying for his boarding pass, and he got banking details from my fiance and promptly paid us back.

The Payback

We crafted an email with all the evidence of the app and website not functioning properly and threatened to sue the airline. They responded to us and offered us a 70 euro credit on a future flight. Like I would ever fly Wizz Air again. Give me a break. Once I blacklist an airline there is no going back. We demanded a full refund, not credit, and finally got the money we were owed.

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